Why 42?

Was in a Skype conference while watching Agents of SHIELD earlier and my friends just erupted into a chorus of ‘NO YOU’RE NOT!’s when Ward said he was everyone’s type.

Friends With Better Lives is like the trashier version of HIMYM or Friends.

I hope it gets (way way) better cuz I like the Kate character and Dana Klein (writer and producer from Friends) created it.

FitzSimmons need to figure out that GH-235 situation because I cannot accept Agent Victoria Hand got killed to death by friggin Ward just when I was really starting to like her.

So FitzSimmons,

Happy that it wasn’t the season finale yet

Damn scared that it wasn’t even the season finale yet

You feel me, Agents of Shield Fandom?


I would like to alert the internet that this is going to happen because it is very important

can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait CAAAAAAAAAAAN’T WAAAAAIIIIIIIT


I present to you an alternate ending to How I Met Your Mother.

*Though I should probably mention, it won’t make sense if you have not seen the show’s finale.

Spoiler: I found Barney’s devotion to his daughter admirable, and it is for that reason that I chose to keep her in this script. Apart from that, however, this is merely meant to be an alternate conclusion to Ted’s story. I have seen several other versions on Tumblr which are also entertaining and much better than the official last episode.


Thank you!

Still in shock that Carter and Craig Ryan Murphy’d us at the very last moment after 9 years.

Or is it Moffat’d? Elsley-Brittain’d? I don’t know anymore.

God dammit, is continuity in dramatic writing truly dead?

How I Met Your Mother is a perfect example of a show that didn’t need another season. We should’ve stopped at 8 with just meeting her. Why did we want 1 more? What on earth were we thinking?


The mother was basically a largely insignificant vessel who got killed off once she’s provided her purpose, and was only ever Ted’s secondary love to give him the babies that ‘heartless’ divorcee Robin physically couldn’t give him, disregarding the relationship she had with Barney after years of slow growth to falling in love, because nothing FUCKING BEATS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT THAT IS BASCIALLY AN INFATUATION WHEN YOU’RE IN YOUR EARLY TWENTIES IN A BAR, EYY